At Midwest Roofing, safety is our number one priority

Our most important measure of success is the health and safety our employees and clients

Company safety meetings are held once a week, two of which are led in partnership with Safety Compliance Company, an independent safety consultant. Also, when necessary, we hold safety meetings at job sites where we're currently working.

We provide hands-on training for our roofers and require them to be certified in CPR, with re-certification every two years. Fall protection is one of the most important aspects of our safety program, and we conduct this specific training every month. All of our roofers are fully trained in fall protection guidelines.

"Safety Bonuses" are allocated to our team leaders on a quarterly basis, and are followed up by a yearly award to the top foreman.

One of the most reliable indications of a business's commitment to safety is its Experience Modification Rate. This is a figure used by insurance companies to assess a company's level of risk. The industry standard is 1.0: any rate below 1.0 is a credit modification and results in lower insurance premiums, while rates above 1.0 are considered debit modifications and result in higher premiums. Midwest Roofing has an exceptionally low Experience Modification Rate of 0.72. This is a testament to our strict "Safety First" policies.

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