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Experts in commercial roof installation, inspection, re-roofing, and repairs

Midwest Roofing has more than 30 years of experience installing thousands of square feet of commercial roofing for a long list of satisfied clients.

We are a full-service, manufacturer-approved commercial roofing contractor with the capacity to handle roofing projects of all sizes, whether you need new roof installation, re-roofing, roof inspection, roof maintenance, or roof repair services for your commercial facility. We can even help with commercial roof design. All our roofing services meet the highest quality standards: we provide superior craftsmanship and careful attention to detail, and we use the most comprehensive safety measures.

BUR (Built-up Roofing Systems)
BUR Roofing Systems are the most popular and conventional roofs on the market today. There are several different types of BUR roofing systems available for installation:

  • 3-Ply Cap Sheet
  • 4-Ply Cap Sheet
  • 3-Ply Energy Cap (Title 24 Compliant)
  • 4-Ply Energy Cap (Title 24 Compliant)
  • 3-Ply Gravel (Rock Roof)
  • 4-Ply Gravel (Rock Roof)

All BUR Systems are "built up" using hot asphalt. They are still the most popular roofing systems, and the most cost-effective. With the introduction of Title 24, some of the BUR systems are approaching the cost of Single Ply Systems. The biggest drawback to BUR systems is the smell of hot asphalt and the noise of the kettle.

Modified Bitumen (Torch Applied System, Modified Rubber)
Modified Bitumen Rubber Roofing Systems are applied with a hand-held torch. On larger jobs, a "dragon wagon" is used. This is a 3-foot-wide machine pulled by one technician. Modified rubber is similar to single ply, as they both consist of one layer of waterproofing. All drains, metal, and flashing get an extra layer of modified rubber. This is what we call "sandwiching the metal" in the Roofing Industry.

The application of a Modified Bitumen Roof is more convenient than that of the BUR systems, since a kettle and hot asphalt are not needed. The pricing will be similar to the higher-end BUR systems.

Single Ply Roofing Systems
Single Ply Roofing Systems are a one-layer membrane. Single Ply membranes include PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin). These systems are lightweight, quiet, and odorless to install, and they are usually Title 24 compliant. It is also the only roofing system that is still under warranty if ponding water occurs.

Single Ply Systems are usually more expensive than BUR and Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems. The biggest advantage they offer is the warranty remaining in effect for ponding water. If a BUR or Modified Bitumen Roofing System ponds water, the manufacturer will not warranty the roof in those areas. The life expectancy for Single Ply Roofing Systems is usually the longest out of all the commercial roofing options.

Cold Applied Roofing Systems (Roof Coatings)
Roof Coatings can extend the life of your roof anywhere from a few years up to 20 years. Roof Coatings offer some very distinct advantages over conventional re-roofs:

  • No tear-off of existing roof. This allows for a more convenient application.
  • No kettle or smell of asphalt.
  • 100% tax deductible.
  • No city permits needed.

Roof coatings consisting of polyester, emulsion, and a white coating essentially add up to a new roof, with a life expectancy of up to 20 years. Manufacturer specifications can consist of up to 3 layers of polyester, 20 gallons of emulsion, and 4 gallons of white reflective coating.

Our experienced estimators will let you know when a Cold Applied Roofing System may be the best choice for your home or business.

The following is a sample of our Cold Applied Roofing System installation history:

  • The Grand Wilshire (27-story high-rise on Wilshire Corridor in Westwood)
  • Holiday Inn (I-405 and Sunset Blvd.)
  • C-2 Pictures (30,000 sq. ft. building in Santa Monica)
  • Triumph Industries (55,000 sq. ft. building in Los Angeles)
  • The Wiltern Theatre

NDL Roofing Systems
Midwest Roofing is authorized by numerous manufacturers to install a No Dollar Limit Warranty Roofing System. No Dollar Limit warranties are available in 10-year, 12-year, 15-year and 20-year options. We work with each manufacturer to properly install their NDL Roofing System. Very specific materials and roofing details are required. The manufacture holds a pre-job conference and performs a post-job inspection. Any and all items must be addressed before the warranty can be issued to the customer.

The actual warranty will be provided by the manufacturer. If any warranty issues need to be addressed once the roof installation is complete, the manufacturer will handle them.

The following is a sample of our NDL Roofing System history:

  • El Monte High School ($400,000 project, 20-year NDL)
  • Hanover High-Rise ($275,000 project with tapered ISO and 20-year NDL)
  • Grace Korean Church ($610,000 project with tapered ISO and 20-year NDL)
  • Dogtown Condos ($210,000 project, 12-Year NDL)

NDL warranties requires a fee to be paid directly to the manufacturer

At Midwest Roofing, we use only the highest quality commercial roofing materials, but we still offer very competitive rates; this means you can get an expertly installed, long-lasting, and attractive roof for a great value. Our experienced roofers are factory-trained and fully qualified to install, inspect, maintain, or repair any commercial roof. We are an authorized installer for major brands such as CertainTeed and GAF, so we're knowledgeable about the strengths and weaknesses of different commercial roofing systems and can help you choose the one that best meets your business's needs and budget. Our team of experienced estimators know which questions to ask in order to determine which roofing system will fulfill your building's requirements, and we are familiar with all commercial roofing regulations, including Title 24 compliance.

All of our new roof installations include a full warranty and manufacturer guarantee. We will secure the needed permits and schedule the required inspections for your new roof, including the city inspection during construction and the follow-up inspection once the project is complete. We also ensure that your commercial facility remains as accessible and inviting as possible while we work on your roof. We do everything we can to minimize any disruption to the flow of business, maintaining customer and employee access as much as possible and taking extra measures to protect your property. We also take extensive safety measures, and we hold one of the lowest Experience Modification Rates in the industry, which is an indication of our exceptional safety record.

For more information about Midwest Roofing commercial roofing services, or to schedule a free estimate, call us today. We are fully bonded, licensed, and insured.

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